A Model For Indie Action Filmmakers

As independent action filmmakers, we’re up against huge odds. Hollywood spends millions of dollars for every dollar of our budget, so we have to be innovative in order to stay in the game.

Hence the Action Kickback model. The Action Kickback model allows independent action filmmakers to work around the top-heavy studio system and develop competitive action titles that can hold their own in the marketplace. The key components of the model are:

  • Story – The story engages the audience and is the nucleus of the film. Action scenes without story are inconsequential.
  • Action – While the action must serve the story, it ultimately represents the action film. Vertical integration through a single production unit can align the action with the story, which is easier on a smaller, independent scale.
  • Business – Making a film these days can cost peanuts, but a marketable action film is the most expensive type of film one can produce. A solid business plan is a must.
  • Demand – Action films are in demand worldwide. If you have a good action film, you have a market.

If you can hit these marks, then you can produce a marketable independent action film and consider yourself part of the Action Kickback movement.

We’ll continue to post more Action Kickback-related info here, including insight into the latest films that exemplify the Action Kickback model and the people behind them. So get us on your RSS reader and keep watching!

In the meantime, you can read more about the Action Kickback movement from director Eric Jacobus, the man behind the movement, via his blog The Actionist.

And share your own Action Kickback experiences or thoughts on the forum provided by The Stunt People, the Bay Area-based stunt crew that is paving the way on what it means to be Action Kickback.



5 thoughts on “Action Kickback

  1. Great idea, I’ll be sure to spread the word over here in the UK via my workshops. All the best.

    Posted by Chris Jones | January 11, 2012, 8:16 pm
  2. Fantastic post man. Been following you guys since my college days in 2004-2005. Love the stuff you guys are doing and this model is certainly inspirational and insightful. Looking forward to more tips and tricks 😉

    Posted by valsenan | June 5, 2012, 6:41 pm

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